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Getting Started with AWS Glue

AWS Glue is a full-managed, clusterless ETL service that allows you to quickly extract and prep data for a wide variety of use cases. In addition to ETL, Glue also allows you to build a data catalog, which makes your data searchable, queryable and available for ETL jobs.

If you are just getting started with AWS Glue, I have put together some resources to help you understand how it can used, as well as some training materials you can use to get up to speed quickly.

1. Video: What is AWS Glue?

2. Video: Getting Started with Glue

3. Getting Started with Glue Data Catalog

4. Understand the AWS Glue highlighted use cases from here:

  • Queries Against an Amazon S3 Data Lake

  • Analyze Log Data in Your Data Warehouse

  • Unified View of Your Data Across Multiple Data Stores

  • Event-driven ETL Pipelines

5. Learn how to build Serverless ETL Data Pipelines

6. Check out these AWS Glue Resources:

7. And if all else fails, learn how to create an AWS Support Case:

Check out the AWS Glue Developer Forums:

And if you find a bug or need additional support, learn how to create an AWS Support Case:

(And if you find any additional resources that should be in this list, please leave a comment below and let me know!)

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