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Snowflake + AWS Resources

Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, on AWS is an industry-leading platform for both advanced data analytics and machine learning/AI. Below are some resources you can use to learn about how Snowflake + AWS are #bettertogether.

Snowflake is integrated with a number of AWS native services, and is also a compelling data platform for machine learning/AI applications, providing performant, low-cost, and controlled access to data. 

Snowflake fits right into AWS’s data ecosystem, including Data Lakes on AWS, as well as a a number of services you can use to ingest data into Snowflake, including Amazon Kinesis, AWS PrivateLink, AWS Glue, Amazon EMR, or Amazon Managed Kafka Service (MSK).

Snowflake can also leverage Amazon SageMaker, Forecast or Personalize for machine learning/AI and Amazon Quicksight for dashboards.

Together, AWS and Snowflake provide a compelling solution for data, analytics and machine learning that is #bettertogether.

Snowflake + AWS Data Lakes

Snowflake + Amazon Sagemaker

Snowflake + AWS Machine Learning

Snowflake + AWS Glue

Snowflake + AWS Lambda

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